Unless otherwise noted, all Future Ready Librarians Professional Learning Series Sessions will be held from 4-5pm in the Large Conference Room at CBRC

We Need You! 

The Future Ready Librarians Professional Learning Series is an opportunity for you to both learn from your colleagues AND for other librarians in our district to learn from YOU!  But these sessions only work if enough NHCS SLMCs agree to share! By sharing something special that you're doing with students in your library you can potentially:

  • Earn CEU credit.

  • Create artifacts to document that you have demonstrated leadership beyond your school.

  • Impact the teaching and learning that goes on in other NHCS libraries.

  • Strengthen the quality of instruction happening across our district. 

Please use this google form to sign up to lead one of these sessions for your colleagues.  Individually each one of us is great.  But together, we are AMAZING. Please do your part to make this our best year ever! 

September 29, 2016

The Power of Two vs. One - Finding Your Library Soulmate

Presenter(s): Tavia Clark and Mollee Holloman

This is a tough job. We can't do it alone. Luckily, we don't have to! Meet Tavia and Mollee: two NC School Library Media Coordinators who don't work in the same district and who teach two different levels of students, (Tavia's a high school librarian while Mollee works in an elementary school), but who have harnessed the power of social medial to build a unique and powerful collaboration. Join this fun and inspirational session to learn how finding their educational partners in crime has helped these two librarians make a difference for their individual students and staffs. Plus, learn some strategies for locating a library soul-mate to help make this the BEST YEAR EVER!

October 6th, 2016

Making Destiny Work For You! Crowdsourced Tips & Tricks!

Presenter(s): You!

Let's share our favorite Destiny trips, tricks and discoveries while also tapping into our collective brain to solve some nagging Destiny issues. Submit your questions AND strategies for using Destiny as both a library management and instructional tool. Together we'll learn from each other and create a growing resource of Destiny. tutornials.  Come prepaed to both learn and share so that we all leave with a stronger knolwedge of how to make this powerful tool work for us and our students!  No tip/strategy is too small. Make your contribution today by clicking the link below. 

October 25, 2016

Building a Positive Culture and Connecting With Others

Presenter: Todd Nesloney

Rita Pierson once said that no signficant learning can occur without significant relationships. Whether you are a classroom teacher, a school librarian or an administrator, building strong, positive relationships is the key to helping both students and teachers grow and be successful. In this session, principal and co-author of Kids Deserve It, Todd Nesloney, will share stories, examples and resources for connecting with others and creating a culture that lifts up every student and teacher we work with.  Come ready to learn and be prepared to leave inspired!  

November 17, 2016

Showing How Awesome You Are:

Building A Brand For You And Your Library

Presenter: Steven Anderson

The digital age is making it easier for parents and the community to learn what happens inside the school building. Using social media, schools and districts can more deeply engage with those stakeholders, providing a more unified foundation for better relationships. It also makes it easier for professionals to tell their stories and take control of the message they want all to know about the great things happening in schools and districts. In this session, NC gem, Steven W. Anderson, author of the books The Relevant Educator and The Tech-Savvy Administrator AND co-creator of the world's first and most popular educational Twitter Chat #edchat, will share ways to easily and simply create a brand for your library with little or no funds but having maximum impact.

December 8th, 2016

School Librarians: Champions of Change! 

Presenter: John Schumacher

In a time when discussions about education are often dominated by standards, high-stakes testing, and budget cuts, our students (and teachers!) need a champion! Join John Schumacher (a.k.a. Mr. Schu) as he explores the value of school librarians as champions of change. Participants in this workshop should roll up their sleeves and get ready to dig into the role of librarians as champions of independent reading, connectors of the school family, and advocates for all students.

January 26, 2017

Global Collaboration:

"World Book Talk" Super Bowl and ConnectED BINGO.

Presenter: Brad Gustafson

In this interactive session, Dr. Brad Gustafson will lead a lively and fun discussion centered around ways to knock down the walls of your school to create global learning opportunities for both you and your students. The strategies Brad will share are not only those that you can take back and implement right away, but the story of his journey as a connected educator will continue to resonate as you move forward on your own goals as a teacher and learner.

February 16, 2017

What's Trending?

Trends outside the Library to Ponder and Inspire

Presenter: Carolyn Foote

Connecting with Generation Z, the generation of students born after Sept 11th 2001, can be challenging. These learners are defined by their reliance on technology, their hyper connected minds and their entrepenueral spirit - all of which require new and unique instructional strategies for harnessing their potential. But first, we need to speak their language. In this session Carolyn Foote will lead us in some "trend spotting" and fascilitate a fun and fascinating discussion of how libraries can embrace consumer language and trends to appeal to today's students.

March 23, 2017

Makerspaces and Maker Faires in The School Library (and beyond!)

Presenter: Kristina Holzweiss

In this session School Library Journal and Scholastic's School Librarian of the Year, Kristina Holzweiss, will share numerous strategies and ideas for incorporating the maker movement into your library.  This discussion will include funding, scheduling, low tech and high tech making plus much more!  She will also also share the story of her annual event: SLIME - Students of Long Island Maker Expo. You won't want to miss this session! 

April 27, 2017

A Not So Common Collaboration! 

Presenter: Stony Evans

In this session, Arkansas library rockstar Stony Evans will share the story of how he and his instructional partner in crime developed a highly successful series of Common Core collaboration programs in their library for grades 8-12. Although Stony works with middle and high school students (and their teachers) the strategies he will share for getting teachers on board and for marketing the library as a place for meaningful collaboration are relevant for all levels. 

May 25, 2017

Digital Tools to Help You Grow Your Students' Love of Reading and Cultivate Opportunities for Instructional Collaboration!

Presenter: Abbey Futrell 

Instead of competing with screen time, let's harness the power of technology to generate excitement about reading and improve literacy instruction for our leaners! In this session, The Pinky Geek, Abbey Futrell, will share some of her favorite digital tools for working with both students and teachers to make learning more meaningful for our most important customers: students!