July 8th

Sharing Our Creativity

The last few months we have 

been afforded the unique opportunity to get innovative with our lessons and activities without worrying about test scores.

Let's come together to share how we've taken advantage of the opportunity to be extra creative and how we will work to include these lessons and activities during the 2020-2021 school year.

August 12th
September 9th

From Teacher to Teacher LEADER

Join @NHCSEmLeaders as we define teacher leadership and explore multiple pathways for teacher to grow, lead, and inspire others.

Lenses for Equity

We often either progress the work of "Equity" or detour around it. The growth of our individual & collective lenses is necessary for progress.

Join members of NHCS' Equity Diversity, & Inclusion board committee & the Equity Workgroup as we expand our collective vision on what Equity means and looks like for NHCS.

October 14th

Building Classroom Community

This year is unlike any other year we have experienced in Education. Building a classroom community is more important as ever as we work to make every student feel included and part of the class, no matter where they may be.  Join us as we discuss ways we can build and continue to strengthen our classroom community.

January 13th
November 18th
December 9th

Bringing a Plan Together:

Instruction & Assessment in the Midst of Plan B

Come join us as we discuss strategies and share resources for navigating through this challenging instructional time.

February 10th
March 10th
April 14th
May 12th
June 9th

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8:00pm on the

2nd Wednesday 

of every month! 

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Student Assessment During a Pandemic

Analysis, Reflection, and Strategies for Navigating Student Assessment in a Hybrid Model

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